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Established in 2015, DDT Store is serving as a virtual emporium that offers a curated selection of art objects, limited-edition items, and exclusive artist merchandise. The store stands out for its beautifully crafted products, many of which are unique and exclusive. These products are the result of thoughtful collaborations with select brands, partners, and renowned international contemporary artists.

DDT Store


While DDT Store had an exquisite collection of art products and collaborations, they faced challenges in maximizing their online sales potential on the Shopify platform:

  • Cross-Selling Art Pieces: The brand needed an effective strategy to showcase complementary art objects and merchandise to art enthusiasts, ensuring they explore the depth and breadth of DDT Store's offerings.
  • Optimizing Online Art Experience: The online shopping journey, though rich in artistic content, lacked dynamic prompts guiding customers to explore related art pieces and merchandise.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations: The brand sought a system that could adeptly recommend art pieces and merchandise based on individual customer preferences, shopping behaviors, and art inclinations.

The Results

Key Features that Amplified Success:

  • Relevant Art Recommendations: The Product Recommendations App enabled DDT Store to showcase relevant art objects and merchandise based on the art pieces customers were browsing or purchasing.
  • Seamless User Experience: With features like one-click setup and no coding requirement, the brand could effortlessly enhance the online art shopping experience.
  • Customizable Experience: The app's customization capabilities ensured that the recommendations seamlessly blended with DDT Store's brand aesthetics and artistic ethos.
  • Insightful Analytics: The app's robust analytics provided insights into customer behavior, enabling DDT Store to continually refine its online strategies.

The integration of the Product Recommendations App brought transformative results to DDT Store's online sales dynamics:

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Revenue Surge: Post-implementation, the brand witnessed a revenue of $42,000, highlighting the app's efficacy in driving sales.

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Elevated Engagement: The product recommendations led to a staggering 123,746 impressions, showcasing the app's capability in capturing and retaining the interest of art enthusiasts.

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