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Powerful Wishlist Pro Shopify App

Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Wishlist Pro App.

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Boosted Customer Engagement

Integrating Wishlist Pro with Shopify enables businesses to leverage the power of personalized wishlists, enhancing customer engagement and driving repeat visits.

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Heightened Shopping Experience

The Wishlist Pro app adds value to the shopping journey, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through its convenient and user-friendly wishlist creation process.

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AOV Enhancement

By encouraging customers to save and revisit their desired products, the Wishlist app assists in naturally increasing the average order value, maximizing each transaction's potential.

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Conversion Rate Boost

Wishlist Pro features have the unique ability to keep customers interested and returning, which translates into higher conversion rates as more browsers turn into buyers.

Integrate Shopify with Wishlist Pro


Go to your Shopify dashboard and find Apps on the left sidebar.


In the search, look up for Wishlist Pro app by Kakus.


Activate your App by clicking “Activate” button.


Set the Wishlist Pro settings according to your needs.


Choose the products and conditions.


Save the deal and view the statistics.

Integrate Shopify with Wishlist Pro

Strategic Customer Retention

Wishlist Pro enables customers to bookmark products they desire but are not ready to purchase immediately. This feature encourages them to return, potentially converting wishlisted items into sales over time. It's a subtle yet effective strategy to maintain customer interest and increase the likelihood of future purchases.

Data-Driven Marketing Insights

The Wishlist Pro app provides valuable data on customer preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing efforts. By analyzing the products added to wishlists, companies can identify trends, adjust inventory, and create targeted promotions to capitalize on customer interests.

Enhanced User Experience

The app offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of saving and managing favorite items. This ease of use not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also encourages customers to spend more time on the site, exploring various products.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

By allowing customers to save items for later, the Wishlist Pro app helps reduce the instances of cart abandonment. Shoppers who are not ready to make an immediate purchase can save items in their wishlist, decreasing the pressure of making an on-the-spot decision and increasing the chances of completing a purchase at a later time.

Increased Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

The Wishlist Pro feature adds a personalized touch to the shopping experience, making customers feel valued. This personalization fosters a deeper connection with the brand, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Why Should You Consider Utilizing Wishlist Pro App?

Wishlist apps can be your ideal solution for addressing various needs. While certain wishlist apps assist with gift-giving, others enable you to compile a list of desired items.

Here are several compelling reasons to embrace wishlist apps:

  • Keep a record of items you plan to purchase in the future.
  • Share your wishlist with close friends and family, allowing them to select gifts you genuinely desire.
  • Influencers can utilize these apps to curate and share well-organized product recommendations.
  • Store desired products in your wishlist app for future purchase, particularly when you're facing budget constraints. This way, you can acquire them when finances permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a wishlist or keep items in my shopping cart?

A wishlist is preferable for items you're considering for future purchase or waiting for stock availability. The shopping cart is better suited for items you plan to purchase soon.

What is the ideal number of items to have on a wishlist?

There is no set maximum for wishlist size. More items on the wishlist provide customers with greater flexibility for items they might purchase later.

Can others view my wishlist?

Your wishlist is private and only visible to others if you choose to share it and make it public.

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