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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y integration engages customers by offering personalized experiences and rewards, turning each visit into a unique and tailored shopping journey.

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Innovative Promotion Strategies

Utilize Bot’s advanced capabilities to craft dynamic and captivating promotional campaigns that capture customer interest and encourage higher spending.

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Effortless Integration and Management

Seamlessly integrate and manage Bot within your Tiendanube dashboard, streamlining your marketing efforts while maintaining a high-performing online store.

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Insightful Customer Analytics

Gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences with Bot’s analytics, enabling targeted marketing strategies and personalized customer experiences.

Integrate Tiendanube with Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y


Access Tiendanube and find the App Center.


Search for Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y.


Install the app.


Set up the Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y.


Choose your products and set the terms.


Save and track its success.

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Revolutionizing Customer Experiences

Bot integration takes your Tiendanube store to a new level of customer interaction, transcending traditional e-commerce approaches. It creates an immersive and rewarding shopping environment where every visit becomes an engaging journey, providing your customers with opportunities to connect with your brand on a deeper level, ultimately fostering loyalty and driving sales.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Personalized Customer Engagement: Utilize Bot's data-driven capabilities to deliver a tailored shopping experience that matches individual customer preferences, ultimately increasing satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Engaging Interactive Elements: Elevate your Tiendanube store with interactive elements like quizzes and games, transforming shopping from a mere transaction into an enjoyable experience.
  • Optimized Promotional Strategies: Implement dynamic and adaptive promotional strategies with Bot, ensuring that your marketing efforts resonate with your audience and lead to increased sales.

Streamlined Management and Seamless Integration

Efficiency and compatibility are fundamental aspects of Bot's integration with your Tiendanube store. Promotional management becomes a breeze, thanks to Bot's user-friendly interface accessible directly from your Tiendanube dashboard. The integration process is meticulously designed to ensure compatibility with your store's layout and performance, guaranteeing fast loading times and a stable user experience.

Efficient Promotion Management:

Time-Saving: Setting up and adjusting your promotional strategies directly from your Tiendanube dashboard has never been easier, saving you valuable time.

Adaptability: You can swiftly adapt to changing market trends and evolving customer preferences, allowing you to stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Seamless Integration:

Hassle-Free: The hassle-free integration process ensures compatibility with your Tiendanube store, eliminating disruptions in performance.

Optimal Performance: Maintaining fast loading times and a stable user experience is critical for keeping customers engaged and satisfied, ultimately driving sales and success.

Integrating Bot with your Tiendanube store not only enhances promotional management efficiency but also maintains a smooth and responsive shopping experience for your customers. This combination of streamlined management and seamless integration positions your online business for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Integrating Bot: Free Gifts and Buy X Get Y with your Tiendanube store is a significant leap toward the future of e-commerce. It's an opportunity not just to enhance functionality but to create an engaging shopping environment that captivates customers. Embrace this transformative integration and witness your Tiendanube store rise to prominence in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Elevate your online retail strategy with Bot integration and lead the way in offering unparalleled shopping experiences in the dynamic world of e-commerce. This integration reflects your commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, enhancing your Tiendanube store's capabilities, and delighting customers with dynamic promotions and interactive features. Don't miss this chance to transform your online business and drive growth in the competitive e-commerce arena.

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