Powerful Bundle Builder Duda App

Enhance your Duda ecommerce experience with powerful, easy-to-use bundling features.

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Sales Enhancement

Integrating Bundle Builder with Duda opens up opportunities for increased revenue through strategic bulk sales and attractive package deals.

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Superior Customer Experience

Customers using Duda will appreciate the convenience and value of bundled offers, leading to enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.

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Augmented Average Order Value

With Bundle Builder, businesses on Duda can easily increase their average order value, maximizing profits from each transaction.

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Improved Conversion Rates

The appeal of well-crafted bundles can significantly raise conversion rates, turning more site visitors into paying customers.

Integrate Duda with Bundle Builder


Access Duda and find the Apps Store.


Search for Combo Bundle Builder by Kaktus in the marketplace.


Activate the app by clicking the “Install app” button.


Connect this app with your store on Duda.


Use the Bundle Builder interface to create custom bundles.


Select products, set bundle conditions and save your changes.

Tips for a Successful Integration of Bundle Builder on Duda

To guarantee the seamless integration of Bundle Builder into your store, consider the following strategies:

  • Clearly convey the advantages of bundled products to your customers by crafting compelling product descriptions and impactful marketing materials.
  • Craft visually captivating bundle layouts that prominently showcase the value and savings available to customers.
  • Regularly assess bundle performance and adapt based on customer input and purchasing trends.
  • Persistently experiment with diverse promotions and discounts to ascertain the most potent incentives for driving bundle purchases.
  • Stay well-informed about the latest features and updates introduced by the Bundle Builder app to harness new functionalities and improvements.

Implementing Bundle Purchase Incentives Through Promotions and Discounts

Encouraging customers to make bundle purchases and boosting sales can be effectively achieved by offering promotions and discounts. Bundle Builder offers various options for crafting these incentives, including percentage-based discounts, fixed price reductions, or complimentary shipping.

By strategically deploying these enticements, you can motivate customers to opt for bundles, resulting in heightened conversion rates and increased revenue for your store.

A popular promotion type for bundle purchases is the "buy one, get one" offer. This promotion allows customers to acquire a second bundle either for free or at a reduced price when they purchase one bundle at its full price. This not only spurs customers to acquire more bundles but also aids in depleting excess inventory.

Beyond discounts, you have the ability to design promotions that enhance the overall value of the bundle purchase. For instance, you can provide a complimentary gift or an additional bonus item along with the bundle purchase. This not only augments the perceived value of the bundle but also generates a sense of excitement and exclusivity among customers.

Measuring and Enhancing the Performance of Your Bundle Builder

After configuring your bundle builder deals on Duda, it's crucial to continuously monitor and evaluate their effectiveness to fine-tune your offerings and optimize revenue generation.

So, how can you assess performance? 

Duda's analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into your revenue generation and the volume of orders attributed to deals. This data empowers you to make informed decisions and adjustments to enhance your bundle builder's performance over time.

To optimize deal performance, consider testing and adjusting the following factors:

Bundle Builder Placement:

Bundle builder deals are typically showcased on a dedicated page within your store, ideal for displaying a wide range of products. Ensure easy access to this page by prominently featuring it in your main navigation menu. Consider linking to the bundle builder page from individual product pages, especially for items included in the bundle builder offer.

Alternatively, you can choose to display your bundle builder on existing product pages. If you opt for this approach, position the deal close to the "Add to Cart" button to maximize visibility, as customer scrolling behavior may vary.

A/B Testing for Bundle Builder Deals:

Conduct A/B testing by comparing two different elements within a campaign to determine which one is more effective. You can use metrics such as conversions, revenue, sales, or inventory turnover to assess effectiveness comprehensively.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Define KPIs as performance targets for your product bundles. These targets represent the desired outcomes of your campaign. For instance, you might set a goal for a "Buy One, Get One" (BOGO) campaign to increase revenue within a month.

Continuously monitor these targets as the campaign progresses and make adjustments as needed to meet your goals. Possible adjustments could involve moving the BOGO offer to your homepage or incorporating product popups to draw customer attention to your product bundles.

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