Powerful Bundle Builder Squarespace Extension

Easily incorporate your sales tactics using Bundle Builder on Squarespace.

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Enhanced Revenue

Integrating Bundle Builder with Squarespace empowers businesses to boost sales through compelling bulk offers, driving higher revenue.

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Customer Satisfaction Boost

Offering bundles on Squarespace delights customers with attractive deals, enhancing their shopping journey and fostering loyalty.

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Augmented Average Order Value

Leverage bundle discounts on Squarespace to naturally increase the value of each purchase.

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Higher Conversion Rates

Bundles on Squarespace captivate shoppers, leading to more visitors making purchases.

Integrating Squarespace with Bundle Builder


Access your Squarespace dashboard and navigate to the Extensions area.


Search for Kaktus: Combo Bundle Builder.


Click “Connect to site” to enable the app.


Use the Bundle Builder interface to create custom bundles.


Specify products and set conditions.


Save your bundle and monitor performance metrics.

Creating Effective Bundles

1. Understand Your Audience

Begin by thoroughly researching your target audience. Understanding their preferences, needs, and behaviors is crucial in creating bundles that resonate with them. Conduct surveys, analyze customer data, and gather insights to guide your bundle creation process.

2. Identify Complementary Products

Select products or services that naturally complement each other. Consider how these items can enhance the overall customer experience. For example, if you're selling smartphones, bundling them with protective cases, screen protectors, and chargers can create a comprehensive solution for customers.

3. Determine the Bundle Theme

Define a clear theme or purpose for your bundle. Themes can be based on specific occasions, customer goals, or product categories. Themes help customers quickly understand the bundle's value and purpose, making it more appealing.

4. Offer Savings and Value

Calculate the savings that customers will enjoy by purchasing the bundle instead of individual items. Ensure that the bundled price represents a significant discount or added value to incentivize customers to choose the bundle option.

5. Pricing Strategy

Choose a pricing strategy that aligns with your goals and customer expectations. You can offer a bundled discount where the combined price of individual items is higher than the bundle price, or you can opt for a fixed bundle price that provides a clear cost-saving advantage.

6. Clear Communication

Use clear and persuasive language to communicate the benefits of the bundle to your customers. Emphasize the convenience, cost savings, and unique value that the bundle offers. This information should be prominently displayed on your product pages.

7. Bundle Name and Description

Create an engaging and informative name for your bundle that conveys its contents and value. Craft a detailed description that highlights the specific benefits of each item within the bundle and why it's a smart choice for customers.

8. Bundle Images

Invest in high-quality images that showcase all the items included in the bundle. Visual representation is essential for helping customers understand what they're getting and why it's a compelling offer.

How to use bundles to manage inventory effectively

1. Identify Slow-Moving Products

Start by identifying products in your inventory that are slow-moving or have been in stock for an extended period. Analyze historical sales data and inventory turnover rates to pinpoint these items.

2. Create Strategic Bundles

Bundle slow-moving products with more popular or complementary items. This approach can help move slow inventory by offering it as part of a bundle that customers find attractive.

3. Analyze Demand and Seasonality

Consider seasonal variations and fluctuations in demand for specific products. Create bundles that align with seasonal trends or upcoming events. For example, bundle winter apparel with accessories for the holiday season.

4. Bundle Based on Customer Behavior

Analyze customer behavior and purchase patterns. Identify products frequently purchased together and create bundles based on these insights. This encourages customers to buy multiple items in one go.

5. Set Inventory Thresholds

Define inventory thresholds for individual products. When a product's stock level falls below a certain threshold, automatically trigger the inclusion of that product in a bundle. This helps prevent overstocking of slow-moving items.

6. Offer Exclusive Bundle Discounts

Make bundles with slow-moving items more appealing by offering exclusive discounts or promotions. Customers are more likely to purchase bundled products if they perceive a significant cost-saving advantage.

7. Bundle Rotation Strategy

Implement a bundle rotation strategy to periodically refresh the bundles offered. This prevents overexposure of the same bundled products and keeps your inventory moving.

Bundle Builder for B2B E-commerce

One of the key advantages of bundle builder features in B2B e-commerce is the ability to simplify complex procurement needs. Businesses frequently require a combination of products, components, and services to fulfill their operational demands. 

With a bundle builder, buyers can effortlessly assemble a customized package that precisely aligns with their specific requirements. This not only saves time but also ensures that businesses receive all the necessary elements in a single, coherent order.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of bulk purchasing is a cornerstone of B2B transactions. Bundle builder tools allow suppliers to offer discounts and incentives for larger orders or comprehensive packages.

Buyers, in turn, benefit from cost savings as they acquire multiple items within a bundle at a reduced rate. This pricing flexibility is particularly valuable in B2B relationships, where budget considerations are paramount.

In the B2B landscape, ongoing partnerships and customer satisfaction are crucial. Bundle builder features facilitate the creation of tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of individual clients. This level of customization strengthens business relationships and fosters customer loyalty as suppliers demonstrate a commitment to meeting the specific demands of their clients.

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