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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Free Shipping Bar App.

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Sales Boost

The Free Shipping Bar app helps customers see shipping savings, offering businesses insights into shopping behavior that aid in creating effective marketing strategies, thereby boosting sales and revenue.

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Improved Customer Engagement

The Free Shipping Bar app enhances the shopping experience by clearly communicating cost-saving options, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Increased Average Order Value

Displaying a Free Shipping Bar encourages customers to add more to their carts to qualify for free shipping, increasing the overall purchase amount.

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Enhanced Conversion Rates

Implementing a Free Shipping Bar in a Nuvemshop store simplifies the buying process and motivates customers to finalize their purchases, leading to higher conversion rates.

Integrate Nuvemshop with Free Shipping Bar


Navigate to Nuvemshop App Store.


Search for Free Shipping Bar by Kaktus.


Click “Install application” to connect the app with your store.


Configure your free shipping threshold and customize the bar’s appearance.


Choose where and when the bar will be displayed in your store.


More About Free Shipping Bar

What is a Free Shipping Bar?

The Free Shipping Bar is an interactive feature on a website, designed to motivate customers to increase their order value. It displays the remaining amount they need to add to their cart to avail of free shipping. Typically positioned at the top or bottom of the webpage, it provides a clear indication of how much more a customer needs to purchase to benefit from free shipping.

Employing this tool can significantly elevate sales, as it encourages shoppers to buy additional items to meet the free shipping criteria. The Free Shipping Bar offers customization options, enabling you to set the threshold for free shipping and tailor the appearance and text of the message. Used effectively, it serves as an incentive for customers to spend more, playing a key role in driving the growth and success of your business.

The Significance of Providing Free Shipping

Free shipping has become a fundamental expectation among online shoppers, significantly impacting the success of e-commerce stores. This approach not only boosts conversion rates by eliminating additional charges at checkout but also encourages customers to proceed with their purchases confidently.

Incorporating a free shipping bar on your website effectively highlights this benefit, acting as a compelling incentive for shoppers. Moreover, providing free shipping gives your store a competitive edge in the online retail market, increasing your visibility and credibility to potential customers.

One of the primary benefits of free shipping is its ability to reduce cart abandonment. Many customers abandon their carts upon encountering unexpected shipping costs. By offering free shipping, this deterrent is removed, enhancing the likelihood of completing a purchase.

In addition to improving conversion rates, free shipping can influence customers to increase their order size. Shoppers often add extra items to their carts to qualify for free shipping, which can lead to increased sales and higher overall revenue for your store.

Long-term Effects of Free Shipping on Business Growth

The adoption of a free shipping strategy in e-commerce is more than a short-term sales tactic; it's a long-term investment in business growth and sustainability. When implemented thoughtfully, free shipping becomes an integral part of a business’s identity, profoundly influencing customer behavior and brand perception over time.

Initially, free shipping serves as a powerful draw for new customers, providing an immediate competitive edge. This initial attraction, however, evolves into a deeper relationship between the customer and the brand. As customers enjoy the benefits of free shipping, their trust and satisfaction with the brand grow, leading to repeat purchases and increased customer loyalty. 

This loyalty is not just beneficial for consistent sales but also fosters a community of brand advocates who spread positive word-of-mouth, effectively extending the business's reach and reputation.

In the long run, businesses that consistently offer free shipping may notice an increase in the average order value. Customers, motivated to reach the free shipping threshold, often add more items to their carts than they initially intended. 

This behavior, over time, translates into significant revenue growth. Moreover, as the business scales and shipping logistics become more efficient, the cost of offering free shipping can decrease, further improving profit margins.

However, the impact of free shipping extends beyond just sales and profits. It's about shaping customer expectations and setting industry standards. As more businesses adopt free shipping, it becomes a norm rather than a perk, influencing how customers shop online. 

Businesses that adapt to this shift early can position themselves as customer-centric and forward-thinking, qualities that resonate well in the digital age.

Furthermore, free shipping can catalyze innovation within the business. It encourages companies to optimize their supply chain, streamline logistics, and explore new delivery methods to maintain profitability. This continuous improvement not only supports the sustainability of free shipping as a strategy but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

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