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Powerful Free Shipping Bar Shoplazza App

Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Free Shipping Bar App.

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Sales Growth

Integrating the Free Shipping Bar App with Shoplazza encourages customers to spend more, boosting sales.

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Customer Experience Enhancement

The Free Shipping Bar App on Shoplazza informs customers about free shipping offers, improving their shopping experience.

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Increase AOV

Use of the Free Shipping Bar App in Shoplazza can lead to higher average order values by incentivizing larger purchases.

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Conversion Rate Uplift

Featuring the Free Shipping Bar App in Shoplazza helps increase conversion rates by making free shipping offers clear and attractive.

Integrate Shoplazza with Free Shipping Bar


Add Free Shipping Bar by Kaktus to your Shoplazza store.


Activate the app to start using it.


Configure your free shipping threshold and customize the bar’s appearance.


Choose where and when the bar will be displayed in your store.


Activate the bar and monitor its performance through the app’s analytics.


More About Free Shipping Bar

What is a Free Shipping Bar?

A free shipping bar is an effective tool to enhance customer engagement in your online store. It can be placed on various pages of your website, typically displaying either at the top or bottom of the screen, particularly on pages without product listings.

This bar serves as a concise summary of your shipping offerings and the associated costs for shipping the items in a customer's cart. It helps customers quickly understand whether they qualify for free shipping or if additional shipping charges apply.

Furthermore, the free shipping bar is an excellent means to notify customers about available discount codes, potentially leading to savings on their total purchase.

Why Are Shipping Bar Apps Essential for Your Online Store?

Shipping bars are effective tools for communicating shipping details to your customers. They also present opportunities to boost sales through the use of free shipping offers or discount codes displayed on the bars.

Integrating shipping bar apps into your online store is crucial as these apps facilitate the creation of impactful shipping bars. These apps, compatible with most website themes, ensure a smooth integration with each store.

Many shipping bar apps come with a variety of features such as targeting options, which are invaluable for reaching the appropriate audience at the right time.

Additionally, these applications provide customization capabilities, allowing you to design a shipping bar that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free Shipping Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Free shipping might be costly initially, but it often leads to increased sales, better conversion rates, and larger average order values.

Before introducing free shipping to your small business, assess its impact by tracking conversion rates and average order value (AOV) pre and post-implementation.

How to Set a Free Shipping Threshold in Your Online Store?

Analyze your current AOV and average shipping costs to determine a threshold where profits from increased AOV can absorb shipping costs. For instance, if your AOV is $20, the average shipping cost is $5, and your top-selling item has a $5 profit margin at a $20 retail price. Setting a free shipping threshold at $40 would compensate for the shipping cost with the profit from an additional sold item.

What Metrics Should Be Monitored for Free Shipping Success?

Monitor these metrics before and after implementing free shipping to gauge its effectiveness. Observe how they change in relation to each other, like if shipping costs increase alongside AOV. Consider these metrics for orders with both free and paid shipping:

  • Shipping fees
  • Conversion rates
  • Average cart values
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Return rate
  • Loyalty program adoption rate
  • Customer retention rate

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided With Free Shipping App?

Ensure your free shipping settings are accurate to avoid offering it universally instead of to specific regions or orders meeting the minimum threshold. Test the offer thoroughly to prevent issues like expired or non-functional codes. Also, check for potential exploits in custom setups, such as the ability to add a promotional item for free shipping and then remove it, exploiting the system.

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