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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Free Shipping Bar App.

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Boosting Sales

The Free Shipping Bar app empowers Shopify stores to drive robust sales, particularly during low stock scenarios, by incentivizing customers through shipping offers.

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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Integrating the Free Shipping Bar app boosts customer engagement and satisfaction by offering shipping incentives, which helps in building customer loyalty.

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Amplifying Average Order Value (AOV)

With the Free Shipping Bar app, businesses can maintain or increase their average order value, securing a steady revenue stream through strategic shipping offers.

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Increasing Conversion Rates

The presence of the Free Shipping Bar feature in Shopify stores attracts customer interest, likely enhancing conversion rates as visitors are drawn to complete purchases with enticing shipping offers.

Integrate Shopify with Free Shipping Bar


Access your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Apps.


Search for Kaktus: Free Shipping Bar.


Activate the app with the “Install” button.


Configure your free shipping threshold and customize the bar’s appearance.


Choose where and when the bar will be displayed in your store.


Activate the bar and monitor its performance through the app’s analytics.

More About Free Shipping Bar

The Importance of Offering Free Shipping 

Free shipping has become a crucial element for Shopify stores, as it's now a standard expectation among online shoppers. This strategy significantly influences your store's conversion rates and customer satisfaction by removing any extra charges at checkout, prompting customers to finalize their purchases without second thoughts. 

Implementing a free shipping bar on your Shopify site effectively communicates this perk, serving as a strong enticement for buying. Additionally, offering free shipping positions your store competitively against other online retailers, enhancing visibility and trustworthiness to prospective customers.

A major advantage of free shipping is its ability to lower cart abandonment rates. Customers often leave their shopping carts when faced with unexpected shipping fees. Free shipping eliminates this obstacle, increasing the chances of customers completing their orders.

Beyond boosting conversion rates, free shipping can also raise the average order value. Customers tend to add more items to their carts to reach the minimum amount for free shipping, leading to more sales and higher revenue for your Shopify store.

Effective Free Shipping Bar Design Tips for Shopify

When crafting your free shipping bar for Shopify, bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Select colors that contrast well, ensuring the bar is noticeable but doesn't overpower the aesthetic of your store.
  • Include striking icons or illustrations that emphasize the concept of free shipping.
  • Opt for a clean and minimalistic design, steering clear of any elements that could distract or confuse your site's visitors.
  • Use clear, concise messaging to effectively convey the advantages of your free shipping offer.
  • Experiment with dynamic features like countdown timers to instill a sense of urgency and prompt immediate purchases.
  • Adhering to these design guidelines can help you create a free shipping bar that not only grabs your customers' attention but also enhances their propensity to buy.

The Impact of a Free Shipping Bar in Attracting Customer Interest 

Incentive for Higher Purchases: The presence of a free shipping bar on your Shopify site can motivate customers to increase their spending. This is because they recognize the opportunity to bypass shipping fees by reaching a specified purchase threshold. 

Edge Over Competitors: If your competitors lack a free shipping offer or fail to advertise it effectively, your Shopify Free Shipping Bar stands out, providing your online store a competitive advantage in the e-commerce market.

Streamlining Marketing Efforts: The Free Shipping Bar serves as a straightforward, concise method to communicate your shipping policy. This clarity in marketing not only improves customer understanding of your offers but also enhances the overall user experience, encouraging further purchases.

Boost in Conversion Rates: Featuring a prominent free shipping bar on your website can play a pivotal role in a customer’s decision-making process, effectively reducing cart abandonment.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Through Transparency: Customers value clear information about pricing, including shipping fees. A free shipping bar upfront informs customers about such offers, preventing any unexpected costs at checkout, thereby promoting a more satisfying shopping experience.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty: Knowing that they won't incur shipping charges on subsequent purchases can make customers more inclined to revisit your store. This approach not only nurtures customer loyalty but also potentially increases the lifetime value of your customers.

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