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Ethiek is not just a brand; it's a commitment to a greener future. They are not "just another eco-friendly brand" but a true representation of sustainable choices. With products like "wool detergent", "silk washing liquid", and "liquid washing detergent", they are leading the way in eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Their partnerships with US and UK-based companies with over 50 years of eco-heritage, combined with their dedication to sustainable packaging and efficient product formulations, make them stand out in the cleaning products industry.



Ethiek, with its unique and eco-friendly product offerings, faced challenges in:

  • Engaging Customers: With a diverse range of cleaning products, the brand needed an effective strategy to guide customers to additional products that complement their initial choices.
  • Optimizing Online Shopping Experience: The online shopping journey, though rich in eco-friendly narratives, lacked dynamic prompts that could offer additional product recommendations and rewards during the buying journey.
  • Maximizing Upsell Opportunities: The brand sought a system that could adeptly recommend related products, like "wool detergent" and "silk washing liquid", based on individual customer preferences and the specific nature of their initial product choices.

The Results

Key Features that Amplified Success:

  • Dynamic Upsell Recommendations: The Cart Drawer App enabled Ethiek to offer enticing product recommendations, from "wool detergent" to "liquid washing detergent", enhancing the customer's shopping journey and increasing the chances of additional purchases.
  • Seamless User Experience: With features like sliding drawer cart and cart animation, the brand could effortlessly enhance the online shopping experience.
  • Customizable Experience: The app's customization capabilities ensured that the upsell recommendations and rewards seamlessly blended with Ethiek's brand aesthetics and ethos.
  • Effective Upsell Strategies: With features like Upsell & Cross-Sell module and Rewards progress bars, the brand could effectively boost its sales.

The integration of the Cart Drawer App brought transformative results to Ethiek's online sales dynamics:


Revenue Boost: Post-implementation, the brand recorded a revenue of 20,051.00, underscoring the app's efficacy in driving sales through smart upsell recommendations and rewards


Elevated Engagement: The Upsell Offer Views, which stood at 4,900, showcased the app's capability in capturing and retaining the interest of eco-conscious consumers.


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