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Powerful Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount Shopify App

Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount App.

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Flexible Options

Offer customers a range of pricing options based on quantity or product options, ensuring they always get the best deal.

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Drive Sales Volume

Encourage customers to buy more by offering attractive discounts on bulk purchases, increasing overall revenue.

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With Shopify's Robust Platform

Integrating tiered pricing and volume discounts is smooth, ensuring a cohesive shopping journey for customers.

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Optimize Strategies

Track the performance of your pricing models, refining them based on real-time data to maximize sales and profitability.

Integrate Shopify with Volume Pricing & Tiered DIscounts


Go to your Shopify dashboard and find Apps on the left sidebar.


In the search, look up for Kaktus: Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount.


Activate your App by clicking “Activate” button.


Click on the “+” to start creating a bundle.


Choose the products and conditions.


Save the deal and view the statistics.

Benefits of using Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount

Optimized Revenue Streams

Integrating tiered pricing and volume discounts with Shopify allows businesses to tap into multiple revenue streams. By offering varied pricing based on quantity or product options, businesses can cater to a wider range of customers, from individual buyers to bulk purchasers.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate feeling valued. By offering volume discounts, businesses show their appreciation for customers who make larger purchases. This not only incentivizes buying in bulk but also fosters a sense of loyalty among repeat customers.

Strategic Inventory Management

Tiered pricing can be a strategic tool for inventory management. By offering discounts on products that are overstocked or soon to be out of season, businesses can ensure a more efficient inventory turnover, reducing holding costs.

Competitive Edge in the Market

In a saturated e-commerce landscape, businesses need to stand out. Offering tiered pricing and volume discounts can give businesses a competitive edge, attracting price-savvy customers and bulk buyers.

Future-Proofing Sales Strategies

E-commerce trends are ever-evolving. By integrating dynamic pricing models like tiered pricing and volume discounts with Shopify, businesses ensure they remain adaptable, catering to both current market demands and future shifts in consumer behavior.

Building Trust and Transparency

Transparent pricing models, where customers clearly see the benefits of purchasing in larger quantities, can build trust. Customers appreciate straightforward pricing without hidden fees or conditions, and tiered pricing offers just that.

Ready to transform your e-commerce journey?

Strengthen your business with Kaktus cutting-edge solutions. Experience innovation, drive growth, and unlock new possibilities for your online venture.

Kaktus is trusted by 30,000+ businesses worldwide

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"The Flexible Volume Discount feature has been a game-changer. Since implementing it, I've seen a significant boost in sales and customer satisfaction. Kaktus truly delivers!"

Liam Turner

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"I was amazed at how easy Kaktus products were to set up. The mobile optimization ensures a seamless experience for my on-the-go customers. It's been a fantastic addition to my store."

Sophia Martinez

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"The One Click Upsell and In Cart Upsell features have transformed my sales process. My customers are not only buying more but also appreciating the intuitive shopping journey. I'm thrilled!"

Ethan Roberts

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"The BOT offer has been a hit, especially with the auto-adding of gifts. It's not just about increasing sales; it's about enhancing the overall shopping experience. Kaktus has nailed it!"

Ava Wilson

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“With Kaktus, offering bundles to my customers has become a breeze. The sales bundles, whether through pop-ups or inline, have significantly increased our conversions. I couldn't be happier!"

Noah Smith

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"Since integrating these products, my online store has seen unparalleled growth. It's a seamless blend of innovation and user-centric design that truly delivers."

Isabella Perez

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"Every feature feels meticulously crafted for today's e-commerce landscape. The results? Increased sales, satisfied customers, and a thriving online business."

Jackson Gray

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