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Powerful Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount WooCommerce App

Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount App.

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Exclusive Customer Discounts

Craft dynamic pricing strategies on your WooCommerce store, tailoring exclusive discounts for specific customer groups. Foster loyalty by offering personalized, one-of-a-kind discounts that resonate with your audience.

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Smart Shopping Incentives

Elevate average order values seamlessly with real-time tiered discounts. Let your WooCommerce store intelligently adjust prices based on the quantity of items, encouraging customers to explore more and enjoy personalized savings.

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Effortless WooCommerce Harmony

Seamlessly integrate Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount into your WooCommerce realm. No tech-hassles, just user-friendly implementation that empowers WooCommerce enthusiasts to effortlessly bring advanced pricing strategies to life.

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Insights-Infused Decision Making

Dive into the heartbeat of your WooCommerce store with comprehensive analytics. Unearth detailed insights into customer behaviors and market trends, transforming raw data into informed decisions for real-time pricing optimization.

Integrate WooCommerce with Volume Pricing & Tiered Discounts


Go to WooCommerce and find integrations.


Search for the Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount app by Kaktus.


Connect this app with your store on WooCommerce.


Set up the Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount interface.


Select products, set conditions.


Save your changes and click the publish button.

More about Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount

User-Friendly WooCommerce Transformation

Navigating the intricacies of WooCommerce becomes a breeze with Kaktus's user-friendly integration. Whether you're setting up or managing your store on a daily basis, our solution is intuitively designed to streamline every aspect of your eCommerce journey. Say goodbye to complexities, and say hello to a seamless WooCommerce experience.

Customizable to Your WooCommerce Vision

WooCommerce users value the freedom to shape their online stores according to their vision. With Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount, this extends to your pricing strategies. Tailor your tiered prices and discounts based on the quantity or specific options of your products. This unparalleled level of control empowers you to craft a pricing structure that aligns perfectly with your brand and product offerings.

The Power of Volume Pricing Unleashed

Volume Pricing is not just a feature; it's a strategic powerhouse aimed at boosting your store's revenue. Easily configure tiered prices that incentivize customers to explore more, resulting in increased average order values. The intelligence of Volume Discount & Quantity Break ensures that your store's pricing strategies are finely tuned to achieve your specific business objectives.

Diverse Discounts for Targeted Audiences

Crafting unique discounts for different customer types becomes a breeze with Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount. Whether you're looking to reward loyal customers, attract new ones, or incentivize bulk purchases, our solution offers the flexibility to set up a variety of discounts tailored precisely to your distinct audience segments.

Dashboard Optimization for Winning Sales

Empower your decision-making with our intuitive dashboard designed specifically for WooCommerce users. Optimize your volume discounts effortlessly by tracking performance, analyzing customer behavior, and making informed decisions that drive more sales. The dashboard serves as your control center, ensuring the crucial data you need is readily available to guide and refine your pricing strategies.

One-Click Widget Customization

Adapting your online store to your preferred theme has never been simpler. Customize the Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount widget with a single click, eliminating the need for technical expertise. Whether your store boasts a vibrant, colorful theme or a sleek, minimalist design, our widget seamlessly integrates, preserving the aesthetic integrity of your WooCommerce store.

In conclusion, the integration of Volume Pricing & Tiered Discount into your WooCommerce store is not just a feature addition; it's a game-changer. It's an invitation to elevate your store's capabilities, tailor pricing strategies to your unique vision, and leverage the power of volume pricing to witness remarkable growth in conversions and revenue. With Kaktus, transforming your WooCommerce store isn't just functional; it's an exceptional, personalized journey that ensures your online presence stands out in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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"The Flexible Volume Discount feature has been a game-changer. Since implementing it, I've seen a significant boost in sales and customer satisfaction. Kaktus truly delivers!"

Liam Turner

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"I was amazed at how easy Kaktus products were to set up. The mobile optimization ensures a seamless experience for my on-the-go customers. It's been a fantastic addition to my store."

Sophia Martinez

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"The One Click Upsell and In Cart Upsell features have transformed my sales process. My customers are not only buying more but also appreciating the intuitive shopping journey. I'm thrilled!"

Ethan Roberts

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"The BOT offer has been a hit, especially with the auto-adding of gifts. It's not just about increasing sales; it's about enhancing the overall shopping experience. Kaktus has nailed it!"

Ava Wilson

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“With Kaktus, offering bundles to my customers has become a breeze. The sales bundles, whether through pop-ups or inline, have significantly increased our conversions. I couldn't be happier!"

Noah Smith

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"Since integrating these products, my online store has seen unparalleled growth. It's a seamless blend of innovation and user-centric design that truly delivers."

Isabella Perez

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"Every feature feels meticulously crafted for today's e-commerce landscape. The results? Increased sales, satisfied customers, and a thriving online business."

Jackson Gray

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