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Partner with Kaktus to access a real of opportunities that will elevate your agency and offer unparalleled value to your clients.


Why partner with Kaktus?

Collaborate and innovate alongside Kaktus to craft extraordinary shopping experiences crafted at the forefront of e-commerce.

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Grow clients

Broaden your clientele and assist current customers in unlocking immediate revenue, igniting sales, and propelling their growth.

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Increase awareness

Through collaborative strategies, we harness the power of digital platforms, ensuring that your message resonates with the audience.

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Exclusive perks

Enhance connectivity, drive traffic, and foster loyal audiences through strategic link exchanges and engaging newsletters.

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Our Dedication to Collaborators

At Kaktus, our commitment goes beyond words; it's a promise to stand by your side, to fuel your growth, and to amplify your success.

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Enhance trustworthiness and credibility

Leveraging Kaktus evolving e-commerce tools, you provide leading solutions to merchants and brands, driving innovative digital commerce experiences.

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Accelerate success

A dedicated Kaktus partner manager aligns growth goals, provides tailored training, and addresses queries for customized solutions.

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Learning support

We'll lead you through a demo of our solutions, helping you grasp how our tools enable limitless client scaling and expedite your growth.

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Spark potential

Our valued partners experience a wealth of benefits, including meaningful lead referrals, a steady flow of promising deals.

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Amplified visibility

Embrace extensive collaboration – from app branding to co-marketing, guides, events, and widespread distribution across our platforms.

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Profit sharing

Committed to shared success, Partners receive commissions based on MSA when referring merchants and brands that engage with Kaktus.

Partnership flow

At Kaktus, we believe in forging partnerships that transcend mere business transactions. Our partnership journey is a seamless flow designed to ensure mutual growth, value creation, and shared success.



Registration to our partner program


Education & Training


First Traction


Partnership growth optimization

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Shaping the e-commerce future in unity

Brand demands require agencies to remain on the forefront of e-commerce. Collaboratively, we can access fresh customer bases, extend into complementary service realms, and unlock revenue using the latest tools within the e-commerce ecosystem.

Partner opportunities

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Deepen client trust

Be part of an exceptional tech stack that has garnered the confidence of over 20,000 brands and merchants.

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Fuel rapid digital advancement

Attain enhanced creative flexibility to address your clients' distinct digital hurdles, amplify performance, and foster limitless client scaling.

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Educational assistance

Engage with our specialized onboarding partner team and establish a direct channel to our development experts via an exclusive Slack channel.

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Amplified prominence

Experience profound collaboration — encompassing co-marketing events, comprehensive documentation, instructive guides, backlinks to your website, and widespread distribution across our social and email platforms.

Kaktus is trusted by 30,000+ businesses worldwide

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"The Flexible Volume Discount feature has been a game-changer. Since implementing it, I've seen a significant boost in sales and customer satisfaction. Kaktus truly delivers!"

Liam Turner

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"I was amazed at how easy Kaktus products were to set up. The mobile optimization ensures a seamless experience for my on-the-go customers. It's been a fantastic addition to my store."

Sophia Martinez

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"The One Click Upsell and In Cart Upsell features have transformed my sales process. My customers are not only buying more but also appreciating the intuitive shopping journey. I'm thrilled!"

Ethan Roberts

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"The BOT offer has been a hit, especially with the auto-adding of gifts. It's not just about increasing sales; it's about enhancing the overall shopping experience. Kaktus has nailed it!"

Ava Wilson

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“With Kaktus, offering bundles to my customers has become a breeze. The sales bundles, whether through pop-ups or inline, have significantly increased our conversions. I couldn't be happier!"

Noah Smith

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"Since integrating these products, my online store has seen unparalleled growth. It's a seamless blend of innovation and user-centric design that truly delivers."

Isabella Perez

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"Every feature feels meticulously crafted for today's e-commerce landscape. The results? Increased sales, satisfied customers, and a thriving online business."

Jackson Gray

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