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Be part of a community of pioneers, solution specialists, and complementary technologies at the cutting edge of e-commerce. Together, we can enhance capabilities, tap into new customer segments, and accelerate expansion.

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At Kaktus, we carry out the same philosophy of customer culture and integrity as you do. Our powerful Apps and Shopify development services allow brands to boost conversions and sales quickly and easily.


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We are trusted by over 30,000 clients to enhance their Shopify stores and increase sales

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Partner with Kaktus: amplify reach, foster trust, and collaborate for mutual e-commerce success.

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Benefit from our diverse promotional channels, ensuring your app gets the attention it deserves across multiple platforms.

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Capitalize on our partnership to drive sales, increase conversions, and elevate your revenue potential.

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Collaborate with Kaktus and leverage our reputation to instill confidence and trust in your potential and existing clients.

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Partner program details presentation. Assessing opportunities for our mutual growth.


Registration to our program

Partner onboarding.


Mentorship and training

Introduction to our resources and materials.


First promotion

Begin generating income by suggesting our apps to your clients.


Partnership growth

Review the plan for continued growth and new opportunities.

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Connect and grow: become a part of our tech community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can technology partners benefit from Kaktus's in-app promotion opportunities?


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What support does Kaktus provide to ensure effective cross-promotion?


Are there any fees or costs associated with joining the Kaktus Partner Program?


The most advanced apps for your e-commerce

Discover the power of Kaktus: dive into our suite of e-commerce apps and transform your online store's capabilities now!

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