Calcurates: Accurate Shipping

Manage your shipping storefront with an all-inclusive and powerful multi-carrier shipping app for Shopify.

Calcurates: Accurate Shipping


Calcurates provides a powerful, cloud-based shipping solution for Shopify stores, designed to consolidate various shipping functionalities into one comprehensive app. It stands out as a robust alternative to using multiple individual shipping apps, as highlighted by Nik Pasholok, the CEO of the product.

Key Features and Benefits

The app offers a plethora of features that significantly enhance the shipping experience for Shopify store owners. It includes configurable shipping zones, allowing users to create advanced zones with specific rules and restrictions, adding flexibility to shipping rates and methods. Custom shipping options such as flat rates, free shipping, table rates, and in-store pickup are available, giving store owners versatile solutions for their shipping needs. The integration with major carriers is a key aspect, as it enables real-time rate display on Shopify checkouts.

Additionally, the app focuses on international shipping, providing access to global shipping options from major carriers, complete with real-time rates and estimated duties and taxes. This feature is particularly beneficial for stores with an international customer base. Estimated delivery dates for each shipping method enhance the customer experience by making shipping more predictable. The app also incorporates volumetric or dimensional weight calculations to ensure the accuracy of shipping rates.

User Experience

Calcurates' all-in-one shipping app for Shopify is designed to reduce compatibility issues that might arise from using several apps. It offers a smooth, mobile-compatible user interface and provides easy support without needing access to the Shopify store. By offering a complex, all-inclusive solution, Calcurates aims to address the entire spectrum of shipping needs more effectively than piecemeal app patches. This comprehensive approach, coupled with additional services like configuration assistance, professional support, and free consultations, makes Calcurates not just a software solution but a valuable service for addressing various shipping challenges.

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