NestAds Pixels Installer & Ads

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NestAds Pixels Installer & Ads


NS TikTok Pixels & Attribution is a Shopify app focused on enhancing ad tracking and maximizing Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) through accurate cross-channel advertising analytics. It supports multiple advertising platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Google.

Key Features and Benefits

The app allows for easy installation of multiple TikTok pixels and offers privacy-compliant tracking to avoid iOS 14 blockage. It features multi-touch attribution with flexible windows to understand customer journeys and improves ad performance with first-party data passback to TikTok. The app also provides the capability to track cross-channel advertising and identify top-performing touchpoints for faster scaling of successful ads.

Pricing and Plans

  • Starter (Free): Includes 4 ad campaigns and groups, unlimited budget, targeting campaigns, video editing with sale badges, multiple TikTok Pixel, and advanced reports.
  • Growth ($9.99/month): All Starter features plus unlimited campaigns and budget, retargeting and retention campaigns, unlimited video editing, email/phone files, and daily budget optimization.
  • Pro ($49.99/month): Includes all Growth features plus business intelligence, cohort analysis, NestAds Pixel with first-party data, and multi-touch attribution.

User Feedback and Ratings

NS TikTok Pixels & Attribution is highly rated at 4.9, with 179 reviews. Merchants commend its user-friendly interface, extensive targeting options in TikTok advertising, real-time ad performance tracking, comprehensive analytics, and proactive customer support. The app is considered essential for marketers managing multiple ad platforms, particularly for its effective cross-channel ad tracking and enhancement of ROAS.

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