TIB Product Options Variants

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TIB Product Options Variants


TIB Product Options Variants is an innovative Shopify app designed to transform online shopping experiences by enabling extensive product customization. This app provides a dynamic platform for customers to personalize their purchases, offering a unique edge to Shopify stores.

Key Features and Benefits

With over 10 different option types, the app allows for a vast array of product customizations and variants, enhancing the customer shopping journey. It effectively aids in boosting conversion rates and average order value (AOV) through its intuitive design and price add-on capabilities. The app's integration with Shopify Discounts streamlines the checkout process, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Pricing and Plans

  • Free Plan: This plan includes more than 14 option types, unlimited option sets, and several other essential features, providing robust functionality without cost.
  • Unlimited Plan ($12.99/month): Building on the Free Plan, it offers additional features like export/import options, price add-ons, and bundles, enhancing the app's utility for more advanced needs.

User Feedback and Ratings

TIB Product Options Variants is highly regarded by users, holding a 4.9 rating from 189 reviews. Merchants specifically commend its user-friendly interface and the efficiency in managing product variants and customizations. The app is praised for its role in reducing cart abandonment and improving customer experience, with users also appreciating the professional design, easy installation, and seamless integration with existing Shopify stores. The responsive and helpful customer support team further adds to the app's high user satisfaction.

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