How to delete Shopify account

Deleting a Shopify account is an irreversible process that removes your store and all associated data from the Shopify platform. It's a decision that requires careful thought, especially if you've invested significant effort into building your store. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Shopify account:

1. Log Into Your Shopify Admin: 

Begin by signing into your Shopify admin dashboard. This is where you control all aspects of your Shopify store.

2. Navigate to Settings: 

Look for the "Settings" icon, typically found at the bottom left corner of the admin dashboard.

3. Go to Account Settings: 

Within the Settings menu, select "Account" to access your account's administrative settings.

4. Review Your Plan and Billing Information: 

Take a moment to check your current plan details and billing cycle. This is also a good time to address any pending charges or fees.

5. Scroll Down to the Store Status Section: 

Find the section dedicated to managing your store's status, where you will see options for both pausing and closing your store.

6. Select 'Close Store': 

Click on the option to close your store. Shopify will likely ask for a reason for your departure and may offer alternatives or solutions.

7. Enter Your Password to Confirm: 

You’ll be prompted to confirm the closure of your store by entering your password. This step ensures that the decision is intentional and secure.

8. Finalize the Closure: 

After confirmation, your Shopify store will be closed, effectively deleting your account. Shopify will send a confirmation email to verify this action has been completed.

Additional Considerations

Before deleting your Shopify account, consider the following to ensure that you're fully prepared for what comes next:

  • Backup Your Data: Export any important information from your Shopify store, such as customer data, order history, and product details. After deletion, this information will no longer be accessible.
  • Fulfill Outstanding Orders: Complete any remaining orders to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid disputes or chargebacks.
  • Cancel Subscriptions and Apps: If you have any subscriptions to third-party apps or services through Shopify, make sure to cancel these to avoid continued billing.
  • Manage Your Domain: If you purchased a domain through Shopify or use Shopify’s email services, decide whether to transfer these services elsewhere.
  • Understand the Finality: Deleting your Shopify account is permanent. Once deleted, your store cannot be recovered, so be sure this is the right decision for your business.
  • Consider Alternatives: If you’re unsure about permanently leaving Shopify, consider options like pausing your store, which allows for a temporary break without complete data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I restore my Shopify store after deleting my account?

A: No, once your Shopify account is deleted, it cannot be restored. All data is permanently removed.

Q: What happens to my domain if I delete my Shopify account?

A: If you have a domain registered through Shopify, you will need to transfer it to another provider if you wish to continue using it.

Q: Will deleting my Shopify account cancel all my app subscriptions?

A: Deleting your account will remove access to any apps purchased through Shopify, but you should manually cancel any external subscriptions or services to avoid continued charges.

Q: How long does it take for my Shopify account to be completely deleted?

A: The account deletion process happens immediately after you confirm the closure of your store. However, Shopify may retain your data for a short period per their data retention policy.

Deleting your Shopify account is a significant step. By following these guidelines and considering the implications carefully, you can ensure a smooth transition away from Shopify, safeguarding your data and financial interests.

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