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Boosted Sales

Incorporating a PreOrder Manager App in Cafe24 stores opens up new avenues for sales growth. This feature enables customers to curate their favorite items, providing businesses with valuable insights into their preferences.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Adding a PreOrder Manager App to a Cafe24 store significantly improves the shopping experience. Customers can save items they are interested in, enhancing their engagement and convenience.

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Average Order Value Amplification

Customers are more inclined to add more items to their purchase, especially when paired with targeted promotions based on their PreOrder Manager App, thereby raising the overall transaction value.

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Increased Conversion Rates

Integrating a PreOrder Manager App into a Cafe24 store can significantly enhance conversion rates. It offers customers the convenience to bookmark and revisit their desired products, thereby simplifying their purchase journey and increasing the likelihood of completing a sale.

Integrate Cafe24 with PreOrder Manager


Go to the Cafe24 Apps Marketplace.


Search for the PreOrder Manager by Kaktus.


Click on “Install” to connect this app with your store on Cafe24.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

Methods of PreOrder Manager

Pay Now

This is the most prevalent form of pre-ordering, where customers pay the full price of the product at the time of pre-ordering, similar to a regular purchase but with a delayed delivery. 

  • Secure upfront payment, crucial for effective cash flow management.
  • Capitalize on customer readiness to buy, even if the product is out of stock.
  • Automatically switch to pre-order mode when products run out, keeping customers from going to competitors.
  • Offer tailored information on pre-order pages, such as expected shipping dates.

Pay Later

In this model, customers can either place a deposit or reserve the product without initial payment, paying the full or remaining price when the product is ready to ship.

  • Manage orders for upcoming products that might face shipping delays, providing flexibility in informing customers about later shipment.
  • Evaluate market demand for new products, allowing for production adjustments based on customer interest.
  • Optimize cash flow by charging customers at the time of fulfillment, either before or after paying suppliers.

What does pre-order mean?

Pre-ordering refers to the process of ordering an item before it becomes available or is restocked. Customers who pre-order are assured of receiving the item as soon as it becomes available. 

This approach serves as a reservation system, securing access to the product at the earliest opportunity, whether it's a new release or temporarily out of stock. For businesses, pre-orders enhance cash flow, foster customer loyalty, and aid in accurately predicting demand.

Why Sellers Should Implement a PreOrder Manager Sales Strategy on Cafe24

Utilizing pre-orders can be a game-changing strategy for your Cafe24 store, offering numerous advantages that cater to both sellers and the shopping desires of customers:

First and foremost, pre-orders on Cafe24 generate excitement and fuel customer anticipation, driving their desire to make a purchase.

Secondly, they provide valuable insights for assessing future purchase demands, enabling effective inventory management strategies and potential capital expansion to accommodate new product production.

Another notable benefit is the enhancement of cash flow, as pre-orders allow for the collection of upfront payments for products not yet officially released. This early cash influx can significantly support production and operational needs, alleviating financial constraints.

Moreover, pre-orders contribute to improved search engine optimization (SEO). Waiting until products are in stock to list them on your e-commerce site can negatively impact your SEO. By incorporating a pre-order button on your Cafe24 page, search engines can index your site, helping you maintain your current search ranking while expanding your product offerings.

Lastly, pre-orders serve as an invaluable opportunity to gather customer feedback. Reviews and experiences from pre-order customers can guide improvements tailored to the preferences of the majority, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing potential sales for future releases.

Effective Strategies for Your Online Store Using PreOrder Manager App

To maximize the advantages of pre-orders in your online store, it's essential to prioritize an exceptional customer experience. This involves clear communication, consistent updates, and fulfilling your commitments.

Early Bird Promotions

Encourage early pre-orders by providing incentives for the initial group of customers. This might include discounts, complimentary extras, or free shipping, motivating customers to act promptly.

Manage Expectations and Engage Customers

Keep in touch with customers who have pre-ordered, updating them regularly about their product's status. Clearly communicate availability and delivery timelines, and promptly inform them of any changes to avoid disappointment and foster brand loyalty.

Exclusive Pre-Order Offerings

Generate excitement by making certain products available exclusively for pre-order. These could include limited-edition items or unique bundles not found in your standard inventory, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Utilize the pre-order phase to introduce related products. For example, if someone pre-orders a camera, offer a deal on a camera bag or lens. Effective upselling and cross-selling with well-matched product bundles can significantly boost your revenue.

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