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Enhanced E-Commerce Capabilities

Effortlessly integrate the 'PreOrder Manager' feature into your Shoplazza store, enabling sophisticated pre-order functions to keep sales consistent, even in times of inventory shortages.

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Elevated Customer Interaction

Providing pre-order options significantly improves the shopping experience, allowing customers to reserve products early and generating anticipation for upcoming launches.

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Consistent Revenue Stream

Leverage pre-ordering as a key strategy to ensure a continuous flow of revenue, a crucial aspect during periods of variable product availability.

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Boosted Conversion Prospects

The presence of pre-order options can draw in a broader customer base, potentially leading to elevated conversion rates as shoppers are encouraged to make early commitments to their purchases.

Integrate Shoplazza with PreOrder Manager


Access Shoplazza and navigate to the App Market.


Search for "PreOrder Manager" and add it to your site.


Activate the app to start using it.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

More about PreOrder Manager

What is a PreOrder Manager?

Pre-orders refer to the act of placing an order for an item that is not currently available for purchase. When a customer initiates a pre-order through your store, they typically make the payment for the product upfront. The product or item is subsequently dispatched to the customer either on a projected release date or as soon as it becomes accessible in your inventory.

Pre-orders are a widely employed strategy for various product launches and for items that are temporarily unavailable in your online retail establishment.

Exploring the Advantages of PreOrder Manager for Your Shoplazza Business

Pre-orders offer a myriad of benefits for your Shoplazza-based enterprise. To begin, they furnish you with invaluable market insights that can shape your product development and marketing strategies. Allowing customers to signal their interest in upcoming products yields essential feedback and illuminates demand trends and customer preferences. This valuable information serves as a foundation for refining your product lineup and optimizing your promotional endeavors.

Moreover, pre-orders can serve as a powerful tool for precise inventory management. By permitting customers to secure their desired products in advance, you gain the ability to estimate demand accurately and adjust your production or procurement plans accordingly. This strategic approach mitigates the risk of overstocking or understocking, ensuring you have the right inventory levels to fulfill customer orders once your products officially hit the market.

Furthermore, pre-orders cultivate a sense of exclusivity and urgency within your customer base. Offering limited-time pre-order opportunities creates a palpable sense of urgency, compelling customers to act promptly. This, in turn, can translate into heightened sales and enhanced customer loyalty, as individuals relish the privilege of accessing your products before the broader audience.

In addition, pre-orders serve as a catalyst for generating anticipation and excitement surrounding your products. As you promote the availability of pre-orders, you stoke anticipation within your target demographic, generating buzz and heightened awareness for your brand. This organic buzz often extends to word-of-mouth marketing, as enthusiastic customers share their excitement with others.

Furthermore, pre-orders can yield a financial boost for your business. Collecting payments in advance from pre-order customers bolsters your cash flow, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently. This financial infusion can be channeled towards covering production expenses, investing in marketing initiatives, or funding additional product development. It also provides a clear financial indicator of your product's potential success, enabling data-driven decision-making for your business.

In summary, pre-orders hold immense potential for your Shoplazza business, offering insights, inventory control, exclusivity, anticipation, and financial advantages that can elevate your brand and drive growth.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your PreOrder Manager Strategy

Setting up a pre-order system on your e-commerce website is just the first step; ensuring it works as desired requires additional effort. With that in mind, here are five valuable tips to make your pre-order strategy as effective as possible:

Approach with Care

It can be tempting to overuse pre-orders, especially with a loyal customer base that trusts your offerings. However, it's essential to exercise caution and avoid overextending customer goodwill. Continuously subjecting customers to out-of-stock product payments can strain relationships and push them to seek alternatives. Maintaining a balanced approach is crucial to retain customer loyalty.

Choose the Appropriate Pre-Order Model

There are two primary pre-order models: pay now and pay later. 

The pay-now model requires customers to pay upfront for a pre-ordered item, which will be delivered upon availability. This approach suits businesses with established trust and proven products but demands impeccable execution to safeguard your reputation. 

The pay-later model, on the other hand, allows customers to express interest and make a partial or no payment, making it ideal for testing new products and gathering data. Selecting the right model is pivotal to your pre-order strategy's success.

Effective Communication

In addition to timing, keeping customers well-informed about their pre-orders is essential. Regular updates via email, text messages, and possibly phone calls can alleviate concerns and reinforce trust, assuring customers that they are not being deceived.

Timing Matters

Imposing lengthy waiting periods for pre-order fulfillment can damage your brand's reputation. Striking the right balance is key – customers should not have to wait excessively, but the product shouldn't be delivered too quickly either, as it defeats the purpose of pre-ordering.

Cultivate a Sense of Urgency

Encouraging customers to pre-order products that aren't immediately available requires creating a sense of urgency. One effective technique is offering compelling coupons with a limited redemption time frame. 

By implementing these strategies effectively, you can optimize the effectiveness of your pre-order strategy on your Shoplazza e-commerce platform, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing sales opportunities.

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