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Sales Enhancement

Pre-order functionality enables customers to save their preferred items, providing valuable insights into their shopping preferences that can be harnessed for targeted marketing and special promotions, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

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Elevated Customer Engagement

The option to pre-order items enhances customer engagement by offering convenience in saving products for future consideration, resulting in greater satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty, promoting repeat visits.

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Increased Average Order Value

Implementing a pre-order feature in Ecwid can contribute to a rise in the average order value, as customers are more inclined to add additional items from their pre-order list, especially when enticed by relevant promotions, thus increasing their overall spending.

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Enhanced Conversion Rates

Streamlining the purchasing process through the pre-order feature simplifies the customer's buying journey, encouraging them to revisit and complete transactions, ultimately improving conversion rates.

Integrate Ecwid with PreOrder Manager


Access Ecwid and find the "Apps" section.


Search for PreOrder Manager.


Click “Get” to install the app.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

More about PreOrder Manager

What is a PreOrder Manager App?

Pre-order apps for e-commerce platforms are tools that enable you to sell products well in advance of their actual availability. This not only generates excitement but also allows you to assess market demand ahead of time. 

If you have products that are not yet in stock, pre-order apps provide a solution to secure sales and ship the products once they arrive. This approach can convey a sense of value and priority to customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Inventory Insights: Data from pre-orders provides valuable insights into expected product demand, allowing you to adjust inventory orders accordingly and avoid both overstocking and stockouts.
  • Project Funding: Leveraging pre-orders as a form of crowdfunding can validate product concepts and provide upfront capital for production.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Granting early access to new products or limited editions as part of pre-order offerings can reward your most dedicated customers and deepen their connection to your brand.
  • Product Anticipation: Introducing pre-orders can create a buzz around upcoming products, potentially resulting in higher sales upon the product's official launch.
  • Early Feedback Loop: Engaging with customers who place pre-orders can yield valuable insights. Their feedback can be used to make necessary adjustments before a broader product release.

Boosting Your Sales Through PreOrder Manager

Leveraging the anticipation generated before a product launch can offer significant advantages for businesses. It allows online merchants to test the market's interest without committing to substantial capital investments. 

Here's a roadmap to enhance your sales:

Notify Interested Customers

Compile a comprehensive email list of customers eager to be notified when the product becomes available. This not only gauges demand but also aids in planning future inventory orders based on the number of interested customers.

Use Social Media

If your product is in the manufacturing phase and you aim to generate hype, utilize social media platforms effectively. Engage your audience through enticing contests, building excitement around the product. This approach can attract a wider customer base. Consider running paid advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ensure effective customer notification.

Maintain Transparent Communication

Ensure your existing customers are informed about the pre order product through official emails. Additionally, have contingency plans in place in case of manufacturing or shipping delays. Communicate any potential setbacks to customers in a polite and transparent manner, keeping them informed about the situation.

Craft Captivating PreOrder Manager Descriptions

Creating enticing pre-order descriptions is pivotal in capturing the interest and engagement of your target audience. 

Follow some practices to effectively communicate the pre-order opportunity and inspire customer enthusiasm:

Emphasize Unique Value

Highlight the distinctive features and advantages of the product that make it a compelling choice for pre-order. Focus on what sets it apart from similar products in the market and elucidate how it addresses customer needs or desires. Creating a perception of exclusivity or scarcity can also be influential in driving pre-order sales. This can include mentioning limited quantities, special edition variants, or exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

Incorporate customer testimonials and reviews into your pre-order descriptions. Positive feedback from customers who have already pre-ordered the product can bolster trust and credibility. Prospective customers are more likely to commit to pre-orders when they see that others have had a positive and satisfying experience with the product.

Clarity is Key

Commence by explicitly indicating that the product is available for pre-order and provide a clear release date or estimated delivery time frame. This straightforward approach immediately conveys the pre-order nature of the listing, setting appropriate customer expectations.

Transparent Policies

Clearly outline refund and cancellation policies associated with pre-orders. Transparency regarding potential delays or alterations in availability is essential. Such transparency fosters trust with your customers and underscores your commitment to delivering a positive pre-order experience.

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