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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the PreOrder Manager App.

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Sales Enhancement through PreOrder Manager Integration

Incorporating a PreOrder Manager app into an e-commerce platform transforms sales strategies, enabling customers to create personal pre-order lists that offer businesses invaluable insights into consumer preferences.

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Personal PreOrder Lists

Shoppers can effortlessly save their favorite items for future purchases, enhancing convenience and user satisfaction, ultimately nurturing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

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Amplifying Average Order Value

Customers are more inclined to add additional items from their pre-order lists, especially when presented with special offers or discounts, thereby increasing the overall value of their transactions.

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Augmented Conversion Rates

Incorporating a PreOrder Manager feature simplifies the shopping process, allowing customers to save and easily revisit products of interest, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Integrate Squarespace with PreOrder Manager


Access your Squarespace dashboard and navigate to the Extensions area.


Search for PreOrder Manager app by Kaktus.


Click “Connect to site” to enable the app.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

Benefits of Using PreOrder Manager App

Boost Early Sales and Revenue

One of the primary advantages of pre-orders lies in their capacity to boost sales, particularly when complemented by a well-structured payment system. They can help secure cash flow needed for finalizing production or marketing endeavors. By enabling customers to order products not currently in stock, pre-orders enhance revenue predictability.

Anticipate Demand and Revenue

Pre-orders offer more than just a financial benefit; they provide valuable insights into future demand and revenue. They serve as indicators of anticipation for specific products or services, aiding in production and inventory planning. 

Generate Pre-Launch Excitement

Standing out in the crowded eCommerce landscape, where users encounter thousands of ads daily, can be challenging. Initiating a marketing campaign centered around pre-orders allows you to generate the necessary buzz well in advance. This approach provides valuable content for your website, email campaigns, and social media, creating excitement and anticipation before the product's official launch.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business

With a well-executed strategy, pre-orders can engage existing customers effectively. Offering special incentives, such as discounts or exclusive access, creates a sense of exclusivity around pre-orders, fostering higher engagement and conversion rates. This approach can significantly impact customer loyalty and foster a sense of community among your current customers.

Offer Flexible Payment Structures

Implementing pre-orders in your online store offers flexibility in payment structures. Customers can choose between two fundamental payment options when purchasing early: "Pay now," where customers pay the full product price upon ordering, and "Pay later," allowing customers to reserve the product with a partial deposit, with the full payment due upon shipment. These options can be tailored to your business plan, cash flow requirements, and production schedule, reducing the risk of unsold inventory.

Assess Interest for Future Products and Marketing Decisions

Beyond immediate sales, pre-orders provide valuable insights into customer behavior. Analyzing how customers interact with pre-orders can inform future production and inventory cycles, helping you make data-driven decisions for your online store. For instance, if you offer pre-orders for printed t-shirts, the data collected can guide the production quantities for different sizes and colors, as well as influence marketing materials for future products. These insights extend beyond individual products and can shape your overall business strategy.

Effective Strategies for Crafting Irresistible Pre-Order Descriptions

Crafting compelling pre-order descriptions is essential for captivating your target audience and piquing their interest. To start, clearly indicate the product's availability for pre-order and provide an expected release date or estimated delivery timeframe. This immediate transparency communicates the pre-order nature of the listing, setting appropriate customer expectations.

Additionally, emphasize the unique qualities and advantages of the product that make it a compelling pre-order choice. Highlight what sets it apart from similar offerings in the market and elucidate how it addresses customer pain points or fulfills their desires. Creating a sense of exclusivity or scarcity can also be a powerful driver for pre-order sales. For instance, you can mention limited quantities, exclusive bonuses, or special edition versions available exclusively to pre-order customers.

Furthermore, it's crucial to clearly articulate any refund or cancellation policies associated with pre-orders. Maintain transparency regarding potential delays or adjustments in availability that may arise. This not only fosters customer confidence but also demonstrates your commitment to delivering a positive pre-order experience.

Another valuable tactic when crafting compelling pre-order descriptions is to incorporate customer testimonials or reviews. Featuring favorable feedback from customers who have already engaged in pre-orders can enhance trust and credibility. Prospective customers are more likely to commit to a pre-order when they see that others have had positive experiences with the product.

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