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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the PreOrder Manager App.

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Boosted Sales

Leveraging PreOrder Manager with Shopify empowers businesses to sustain sales even when inventory is low, offering customers the opportunity to purchase in advance.

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Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Providing pre-order options increases customer engagement and satisfaction, as they can reserve products they desire, fostering loyalty.

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AOV Amplification

PreOrder Manager can help maintain or increase the average order value, ensuring consistent revenue generation.

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Increased Conversion Rates

The option to pre-order captures customer interest, potentially leading to higher conversion rates, as visitors are more likely to commit to purchases.

Integrate Shopify with PreOrder Manager


Access your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Apps.


Search for Kaktus: PreOrder Manager.


Activate the app with the “Activate” button.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

More about PreOrder Manager

What is a PreOrder Manager? 

Pre-ordering refers to the process of listing a product or service on a website before it is actually made, released, or available for sale. This approach lets customers either fully or partially pay for the item in advance to secure their reservation before its official availability. By doing so, customers ensure they get the product without the risk of it selling out. Meanwhile, brands benefit from pre-orders by gaining insights into the anticipated sales volume of the product, which helps in better inventory planning and production forecasting.

Why It's Beneficial to Enable PreOrder Manager in Your Shopify Store?

Offering pre-orders on your Shopify store can be highly advantageous for several reasons. 

Firstly, it enables you to assess customer interest in new products before their official release. This insight is crucial for effective inventory and production planning. Pre-orders also generate excitement and anticipation around your products, enhancing brand visibility and engaging customers.

Another key benefit is the early revenue stream generated during the pre-launch phase, which can help cover production expenses and improve your business's cash flow.

Moreover, pre-orders foster a sense of exclusivity and early access among customers, contributing to building a loyal customer base. This feeling of being part of a special group can encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Additionally, pre-orders are an excellent way to collect customer feedback before full-scale product launch. This allows for any necessary adjustments or improvements, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction and leading to a superior final product that aligns with customer needs and expectations.

Crafting Engaging Descriptions for PreOrder Products

To effectively engage your audience, it's essential to create engaging pre-order product descriptions. 

Begin by prominently mentioning that the item is available for pre-order, along with the anticipated release date or delivery timeline. This clarity sets the right expectations from the outset.

Focus on detailing the distinct attributes and advantages of your product, emphasizing what differentiates it from competitors and how it meets the needs or desires of your customers. Consider adding an element of exclusivity or limited availability, such as highlighting special editions, limited stock, or exclusive pre-order perks.

Transparency is key, especially regarding pre-order policies on refunds, cancellations, and potential delays or changes. Open communication builds trust and assures customers of a reliable pre-order process.

Incorporating feedback from customers who have already pre-ordered can significantly enhance your description. Showcasing their positive experiences can bolster trust and encourage others to follow suit, seeing the value and satisfaction others have found in your product.

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