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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the PreOrder Manager App.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Functionality

Seamlessly integrate PreOrder Manager into your WordPress site, enabling advanced pre-order capabilities for sustained sales, even during stock shortages.

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Improved Customer Engagement

Offering pre-order options enhances customer experience, allowing them to secure products ahead of time and building excitement for new releases.

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Revenue Stability

Utilize pre-ordering to maintain a steady revenue flow, especially important when immediate product availability fluctuates.

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Increased Conversion Opportunities

The availability of pre-orders can attract more customers, leading to higher conversion rates as shoppers commit to purchases in advance.

Integrate WordPress with PreOrder Manager


Access your WordPress admin panel.


Navigate to 'Plugins' and select 'Add New'.


Search for 'Kaktus PreOrder Manager'.


Install and activate the plugin.


Configure PreOrder settings for your products.


Monitor PreOrder performance directly from your WordPress dashboard.

More about PreOrder Manager

What is a PreOrder Manager?

A pre-order is a sales strategy where customers can purchase a product or service before it becomes officially available for general purchase. This means customers place orders in advance, often weeks or even months before the product's release or availability date. Pre-orders are commonly used in various industries, including retail, entertainment, technology, and publishing.

Benefits of PreOrder Manager for Sellers:

  • Revenue Generation: Pre-orders allow sellers to generate revenue before the product is released, helping with cash flow and financing the production or development of the product.
  • Demand Assessment: Sellers can gauge customer interest and demand for a product, helping them make informed decisions about production quantities and marketing strategies.
  • Marketing and Hype: Pre-orders can generate excitement and anticipation for a product, building hype through marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Customer Commitment: When customers pre-order a product, they are committing to the purchase, reducing the likelihood of cancellations or returns.
  • Inventory Management: Sellers can better manage inventory since they have a clear idea of how many units to produce or stock based on pre-order numbers.
  • Competitive Advantage: Being among the first to offer a highly anticipated product can give sellers a competitive edge in the market.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Pre-orders can provide valuable customer feedback, allowing sellers to make improvements or adjustments before the official release.

Benefits of PreOrder Manager for Customers:

  • Priority Access: Customers who pre-order get priority access to the product, ensuring they receive it shortly after release.
  • Exclusive Content or Bonuses: Some pre-orders come with exclusive content, bonuses, or discounts as incentives for early buyers.
  • Guaranteed Availability: Pre-ordering guarantees that customers will receive the product, even if it sells out quickly after release.
  • Planning and Budgeting: Customers can plan their purchases and budget for the product in advance, reducing financial surprises.
  • Support for Creators: Pre-orders can show support for creators, authors, or artists, helping them fund their projects and continue producing quality work.

Why Should You Offer PreOrder Manager on Your WordPress Store?

Pre-orders provide you with the opportunity to assess customer interest in your products before their official launch, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding inventory management and production. Embracing pre-orders on your WordPress site can also cultivate excitement and anticipation around your products, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement. Additionally, pre-orders can yield a consistent stream of revenue during the pre-launch phase, helping to offset production expenses and bolster your business's cash flow.

Another advantage of incorporating pre-orders into your WordPress store is the potential to cultivate a dedicated customer base. When customers have the chance to pre-order a product, they feel like valued insiders with early access to your offerings. This can foster a sense of loyalty and encourage repeat purchases down the road.

Furthermore, pre-orders can serve as a valuable means of collecting feedback from your customers. By permitting them to pre-order and share their thoughts on your products before the official launch, you can make necessary refinements or adjustments based on their input. This not only demonstrates your appreciation for your customers' perspectives but also aids in delivering an improved product that aligns with their needs and expectations.

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