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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the PreOrder Manager App.

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Sales Enhancement

Integrating a PreOrder Manager app into WooCommerce platforms transforms sales strategies, empowering customers to create pre-order lists that provide invaluable insights into consumer preferences.

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Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Shoppers can effortlessly bookmark their preferred items for future acquisitions, enhancing convenience and user contentment, ultimately nurturing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

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Amplification of Average Order Value

Customers are more inclined to include additional items from their pre-order lists in their purchases, particularly when presented with special offers or discounts, resulting in an increased total transaction value.

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Augmented Conversion Rates

The incorporation of a PreOrder Manager feature in a WooCommerce store can lead to heightened conversion rates by simplifying the shopping process, allowing customers to save and revisit products of interest.

Integrate WooCommerce with PreOrder Manager


Go to WooСommerce and find integrations.


Search for the PreOrder Manager app by Kaktus.


Connect this app with your store on WooСommerce.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Save and monitor the performance.

More about PreOrder Manager

Exploring the Practical Applications of Preorder Apps

After understanding how Preorder apps can contribute to increased sales, let's delve into some specific scenarios where they prove invaluable:

Preventing Customer Loss

Preorder apps act as a safeguard against customer attrition caused by product unavailability. By replacing the 'Out of Stock' button with a 'Preorder Now' option, you can continue selling even when your products are temporarily out of stock.

Generating Excitement

Leveraging preorders for new products can ignite anticipation and foster a sense of hype. This heightened interest often translates into increased sales when the product is officially launched.

Acquiring Valuable Insights

Preorders serve as a valuable source of information regarding customer demand. This data aids in more precise inventory planning and enables you to make well-informed decisions about which products to stock in your store.

Boosting Sales Effectively Through Preorders

Leveraging the anticipation built before a product launch holds significant advantages for businesses. Online retailers can gauge market interest without substantial capital investment. Here's a strategy to enhance your sales:

Harness the Power of Social Media

During the product's manufacturing phase, harness the potential of social media to generate excitement. Engage customers through small contests and promotional activities across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to expand your customer base. Paid advertisements can also help ensure your message reaches a wider audience.

Timely Customer Notifications

Compile a comprehensive email list of customers eager to receive notifications as soon as a product becomes available. This provides valuable insights into demand and aids in future inventory planning.

Transparent Communication

Keep your existing customer base informed about preorder opportunities through official emails. Be prepared with contingency plans in case of manufacturing or shipping delays, and communicate any potential setbacks with courtesy and transparency.

Strategies for Optimizing Pre-Order Success

Manage Expectations

Set clear expectations for customers by providing accurate product information, estimated delivery dates, and preorder terms and conditions. Transparency builds trust and reduces the likelihood of dissatisfaction.

Diverse Preorder Plans

Offer a variety of preorder options to cater to different customer needs and preferences. This can include various payment plans, exclusive bundles, or early access to encourage a wider audience to pre-order.

Strategic Timing

Plan your pre-order campaigns based on the lifecycle stage of your product and your target audience. Consider peak buying times and market trends to maximize your pre-order effectiveness.

Data-Driven Optimization

Continuously analyze data from pre-order campaigns to refine your strategies. Pay attention to customer behavior, conversion rates, and revenue to make data-driven decisions and improve your pre-order efforts.

Promotional Efforts

Utilize public relations, content marketing, and advertising to generate awareness and excitement around your pre-order offerings. Leverage multiple marketing channels, including email marketing, social media, and online ads, to reach a wider audience.

Seamless Customer Experience

Ensure your website can handle pre-order traffic and that the ordering process is straightforward. Provide clear instructions for placing pre-orders, and consider offering incentives such as discounts or exclusive gifts to encourage customers to complete their pre-orders.

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