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Seamlessly integrate your sales strategies with the PreOrder Manager App.

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Sales Enhancement

Integrating the PreOrder Manager App with Webflow opens up new avenues for boosting sales by enabling customers to create and manage their pre-orders, facilitating targeted promotions and deals for revenue growth.

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Elevated Customer Satisfaction

The PreOrder Manager feature enhances the shopping experience on Webflow by allowing customers to save items for later purchase, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty through personalized shopping journeys.

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Amplification of Average Order Value

Businesses can strategically recommend products or related items with the Pre-Order App, enticing customers to expand their cart value and thus boosting the average order value.

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Augmented Conversion Rates

Leveraging pre-orders makes it convenient for customers to save and return to desired products, resulting in an observed rise in conversion rates and a higher likelihood of purchase.

Integrate Webflow with PreOrder Manager


Go to the Webflow Apps Marketplace.


Search for the PreOrder Manager app by Kaktus.


Connect this app with your project on Webflow.


Begin setting up pre-orders.


Select products and set pre-order conditions.


Advantages of PreOrder Manager

Stir Anticipation Among Shoppers

Have you ever wondered how blockbuster movies in Hollywood manage to amass billions of dollars in box office revenue shortly after their release? The secret lies in their adept use of movie trailers to build anticipation. By teasing shoppers with your products, even when they're not yet available for shipping on your Webflow store, you can generate excitement and anticipation.

Increased Sales

Having a substantial number of eager shoppers awaiting your product virtually guarantees a surge in sales – a primary goal for any business. Allowing customers to pay for products that are not yet available for shipping translates to more sales for your Webflow-based enterprise.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

In the realm of online shopping, customers are quick to move to a competitor if they discover that the product they desire isn't currently in stock or available. If this becomes a recurring issue, it won't be long before you lose your customer base. However, enabling customers to pay for out-of-stock items not only bolsters customer retention but also ensures a continuous cash flow to sustain your business.

Market Testing

Pre-orders aren't limited to out-of-stock products; they can also be employed for products still in the development phase. This approach proves particularly useful when you want to gauge consumer reactions to a product before its official release. It saves you the headache of investing in products that might not pique consumer interest, preserving your capital for more promising ventures.

How Can You Enhance Conversion Rates in Your Pre-Order Campaign?

Discover some valuable strategies to boost the conversion rate of your pre-order campaigns:

  • Diversify Pre-Order Offerings: Tailor multiple pre-order plans to align with your audience's diverse preferences and requirements.
  • Timing is Crucial: Optimize your pre-order messaging by delivering it at precisely the right moments, considering your audience's specific pre-order journey stage.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Carefully scrutinize data and refine your pre-order strategies to extract maximum value in terms of customers and revenue.
  • Amplify Awareness Through Marketing: Harness the power of public relations, content marketing, and advertising to heighten awareness about your upcoming pre-order sale.
  • Streamline the Sales Process: Ensure all your preparations are in place and meticulously executed. Be ready to efficiently process orders, with a website capable of handling increased traffic. Consider having a dedicated team in place to effectively manage pre-order bookings, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Why Implement a Pre-Order System?

Pre-orders offer a distinct advantage by securing sales regardless of product readiness, ensuring you never have to turn away a willing customer. Additionally, they provide flexibility in payment options, allowing you to align with your cash flow requirements, whether it's collecting deposits upfront or upon product delivery.

Moreover, a well-managed pre-order process minimizes risks by setting clear customer expectations and delivery timelines, shielding you from potential fraud and chargebacks. It becomes a means to protect both parties involved.

Furthermore, when executed thoughtfully, pre-orders can foster strong customer loyalty. Exclusive offers and early access create a sense of urgency and excitement, enticing customers to become repeat buyers. Timely updates on order status demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Early customer feedback, a byproduct of the pre-order process, allows you to make vital product adjustments before it's too late, particularly crucial for new product launches, helping you avoid costly errors that might affect future sales.

Lastly, generating pre-order buzz online positively impacts SEO. Google considers the online chatter around a product when determining search result rankings. Harnessing pre-orders to generate excitement around your product can enhance SEO visibility, placing your product in front of a wider audience of potential customers.

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